Mr. Davis was raised in healthcare watching his father care for patients which has led his passion to help people find and take better care of themselves. His own experience with health issues has driven him to create change for himself as well as for those who want to take better care of themselves and experience a lifestyle change towards healthy living. Mind, Body & Soul.

As a founder of several startup companies in healthcare and as a consultant who performed a valuable eye-opening assignment in 2008 to determine where health care was headed, ultimately lead him to understand the “behind-the-scenes” of Insurance Companies, Large Hospitals/Specialty Groups, and Big Pharma. A system built on acute care, “treating the symptom”, not the whole body has Billions of dollars.

A simple answer to what he found; “Educate the patient”, Listen well, treat the “Whole Body”, give access to better care solutions and transition to a healthier lifestyle taking charge of your own health.

His purpose is simply to change healthcare by putting control back in the hands of the patient and providers, giving them functional and regenerative alternatives that promote a healthier, proactive lifestyle.